Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A few highlights from my day yesterday...

I was going to post this last night in the midst of my frustration, but my internet stopped working for no good reason. Of course.

Yes, I blurred out my friend's face. Not because she's anonymous but because it's a ridiculous picture that she took as a joke, and she's coming over to my house today, and I don't want her to hit me.

But on the bright side...

If you click the mommy below, I will not fling a cookie at you with a spatula.

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  1. 5 weeks is totally long enough. :) This made me laugh this morning!

    1. I'm glad I made you laugh! And thanks for the vote of confidence on the yoga! ;)

  2. i didn't want to spam your anniversary post with random comments, but i went away and your blog looked one way and i came back and it is completely different. it reminds me of that time that i spent ninth grade in a different country and then came back in tenth grade and everyone i knew looked different (thank god for the end of the awkward stage) and new stores had taken the place of old ones and there was a new movie theater right down the street that wasn't new to anyone else and i knew that technically it was the same place that i had left, but it was so different that i still felt like a stranger and like i had to find my place in it all over again. /end dramatics. i like the look, though!

    also, i miss yoga and laughed out loud at the spatula flung cookie. i will be waiting for that book to come out.