Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary to Me!

So, as you maybe (probably. hopefully.) guessed from the title of this post, today is this blog's one year anniversary! If you want to bring me cake, you may do so. I also accept waffles.

In case you missed them, here are a few of my favorite posts from this past year. Which kind of sounds like I'm bragging, since I wrote them. But it's my blogiversary, so I think I'm allowed to do that.

Stranger Anxiety for Moms - In which I explore the fact that strangers know more about taking care of my child than I do.

Letter to Me - I try to send a letter back in time to myself before I became a mom. (It didn't work; I never got it.)

The Battle of the Moms - Motherhood is a competition. Apparently.

Mama's Here - Sweet words from my favorite little man.

And because the fact that it's my blog's anniversary means that my post doesn't have to be at all cohesive (wait, that's what it means, right??) here are some things that are unrelated to each other:

- I've decided to start accepting a few guest posts. If you're interested in being a guest poster, please click here for more information!

- Here is a picture of my 15+ week baby bump. (AKA my waffle pooch.)

- If you click the banner below, you can get $1.00 off of Boudreaux's Butt paste, which is our favorite diaper rash cream to use on Lucas... even though it has the word "butt" in it.

- Here is Lucas feeding Elmo a sippy cup while wearing his daddy's slippers:

- And if you really want to help me celebrate, but you forgot to buy me something pretty, you can click the smiling lady below, which will cast a vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs.

Just Click To Send A Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of my little world during the past year!

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  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I just celebrated mine in February! It feels great to hit that milestone doesn't it?? Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you!! And happy belated bloggy birthday to you, too! :)

  2. Happy 1st Blogiversary. Mine was 3/20. I am hosting a giveaway.
    Visiting from SITS Sharefest.
    Barbara @

    1. Thank you! Happy Blogiversary to you, too! And thanks for sharing your giveaway! :)

  3. Congratulations on your blog's anniversary. I've got six months to go until I reach that point. I hope I learn a lot more by then. You have a cute site, and I get a kick out of your sense of humor. :)

  4. Happy 1st Blogiversary and your 15th week baby bump is adorable. You look beautiful :)

  5. happy anniversary/birthday/blogday/whatever! you have one of my favorite blogs to read, despite not being a mommy.

    and you look so great! i was talking to my husband the other day about having kids and (this makes me sound superficial but i'm okay with that) i said, "but i can't have kids yet. i finally lost weight. i need to enjoy it." if i could get a guarantee that i could look like you then i think i'd be ready. (i feel like this makes me sound like an awful person. i'm sorry.)