Thursday, May 15, 2014

So here's what happened the other night...

I was all set to write a random, light-hearted post Tuesday night (the topic of which I genuinely can't even remember now,) and then I had my first "I'm about fifteen and a half seconds away from calling 911 for my child" moment. So now that everyone has recovered, here's a post about that instead.

This picture has nothing to do with this story. Other than that A) It was taken the same day, and
B) You can see Lucas's legs, and this story is about one of them. 
Lucas and I both have colds (Again. Yay.) Monday night (or really, Tuesday morning at like 4:30am,) Lucas woke up coughing so hard that he threw up (the child throws up kind of easily,) so Tuesday night I decided to put him to bed about fifteen minutes early in the hopes that we'd both get a little more rest. After I put him to bed, I emptied the dishwasher then made myself a waffle. Obviously. And then around 8:30, I heard Lucas shriek and then start fussing. He's been known to make weird noises in his sleep, so I stood outside his bedroom door to try to determine whether he actually needed me to come in. Which is when I heard him whimper, "My leg! My leg!" I went into his room, and his leg was stuck above the knee between two of the slats on his crib, which seemed like a fairly minor problem. So I reached in to pull his leg back through, and... he screamed the loudest I've ever heard him scream. And started bawling. And his leg didn't budge.

So I tried again. And he screamed again. At this point, I started to cry, because he was really, really stuck. Dan was working a night shift, so naturally, I called him in a giant panic and asked what the heck I should do. (I'm hideously awful at emergencies.) He suggested calling a friend of ours who lives nearby, and - if that didn't work - to call 911. So I called our friend Caleb, whose wife turned out to be away from home, so he was home with his kids and couldn't leave, but he told me not to worry, he'd find someone who could come help. So I got off the phone and propped Lucas up in bed to see if changing his position would help, and then tried again, and he started sobbing so hard that... he threw up. Repeatedly. In my hands, on himself, in his bed. Then my phone rang, and I managed to answer it while literally holding a handful of my son's vomit. It was Caleb, who told me that another friend, Cory was on his way over.

Since Lucas was majorly freaking out, I was doing my best to keep us both calm by singing to him and praying with him that we would get his leg out. (Sweet side story: every time I would say amen after a prayer, Lucas would say through tears, "More pray?") Staying calm is not really my thing, but I've got to give myself credit for neither hyperventilating nor screaming. Yay Bethany!

When Cory showed up, he tried to pull Lucas's leg out, which resulted in more screaming. After several attempts by both of us, Cory pulled as hard as he could on the bars, while I pulled on Lucas's leg one more time, and... we finally got him free! And then of course I lost it while hugging Lucas. I held him and we both cried for a few minutes while Cory took the gross bed linens to the laundry room (Good friends help free your child from his crib. Great friends then stick around to clean up your child's puke.) When I put Lucas down, he ran into the living room, spotted my waffle, said, "My leg stuck! Yummy waffle?" and then ate my snack. So on the bright side, I was officially much more traumatized by the incident than my son was. (He hasn't brought it up since then. I, on the other hand, can't stop talking about it.)

So... that was my adventure for the week. This motherhood thing is definitely not boring. Anyone else have a "my kid got stuck" story to share? I need something to read while I eat a waffle.

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  1. This is terrifying. I've yet to have a kid get suck in the crib slats (even with my completely anti-crib-bumper ways). This may make me reconsider.

    1. Yeah, we didn't put a breathable crib bumper on until about a year-ish (or however old they recommend, I forget now.) But then he just started playing with it and would push it down with his feet so he could put his legs over top of it, so it kind of defeated the purpose, and we took it back off. There were a handful of times where he put his leg through and couldn't get it out just because he wasn't quite coordinated enough yet, but I didn't realize that his legs were big enough to actually get stuck!

  2. i typed a whole long comment and then chrome ate it. or maybe blogger did. i dunno. all i do know is that it was long and should not have been eaten and rewriting the comment will not be nearly as good, but i will do it anyway just to spite chrome. (or blogger. whichever.)

    when we were younger my younger sister got her head stuck between the railings of the banister. i remember my parents freaking out and there was a lot of crying and yelling, but my older sister and i could not stop laughing. we were eventually told to go out to the yard and when we were called back in my sister had her head back, but i still don't know how they got it out. or how she got it in. it was hilarious back then, but kinda scary when i think back on it.

    (my original comment had a lot more exposition and description of everything and some dialog thrown in for good measure. it was probably too long, though, if i'm being completely honest. still, stupid chrome.)

    i'm glad lucas is okay! kids, man...

  3. First of all, my poor Lucas! And thanks for making a traumatizing event like that so entertaining for the rest of us.
    And since I don't have any related stories of my own, but I don't want you to feel alone. ..
    My friend Kait was just telling me yesterday about when she stuck her head through the slats of a porch railing when she was about 5 and got it stuck. Her mom did end up having to call 911 for help and they ended up coating Kait's head with butter, and her buttery head finally slipped through the railing.