Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Social Book Review - It's all of your Facebook posts, in book form!

Ok, so I've held off on recommending My Social Book for... years, even though I've ordered five of them. But every time someone sees them in my house, they LOVE them and exclaim how they never knew such a product existed: it's a website that turns your Facebook posts into an actual book, kind of like a year book. And since I clearly love them, too, AND since I have a link that will give YOU $15 off of one and ME $15 off of one, whatever, I'm just going to share this. (For the record, I think this is just a link they give everyone who orders one. I didn't contact them or tell them I was a blogger or anything. It just came in my order confirmation email. They didn't ask me to write a review, and I didn't tell them I was going to.)
First, the bad (and the reason I've never recommended them before now): they're kind of... glitchy. (If books can be glitchy.) Sometimes the page numbers are wrong. Often the posts in the book are slightly out of order for some reason, and a few of mine have been left out altogether. You don't get to pick the sizes of each picture or the layout, so a picture you don't particularly love might be huge while an adorable photo might be small. My books from past years have an annoying amount of white space on the pages (which is mostly annoying because you pay for the books by page, so it's frustrating to pay for half-empty pages,) but that seems to be a lot better in this year's book. If you want to choose your layout, sizes, etc for professional photos or a special vacation or something, order a book from Shutterfly. (I also have a bunch of those.)
But, the good: every picture of my children that I've put on Facebook, every time I've posted something hilarious they said, is now IN A BOOK. You know how people always talk about how nobody actually prints pictures anymore and how someday our kids will have no photos of themselves?? I have a book of big events and small, everyday moments for EVERY YEAR OF MY KIDS' LIVES. Not just pictures, but funny things they've said and photo captions, too. And it's SO much easier than designing a book on your own, because you literally just log into your Facebook account through their site, tell it which types of things you want to include (photos only, photos and status updates, comments left by other people, etc,) and order it. It can be done in under 10 minutes. (Though if you want to, you can also go through and remove individual posts that you don't want to include in your book.)
To me, the glitches are worth it, because I know I would literally never print all of these pictures and put them in an album otherwise. Plus if you're like me and forget to write things in your kids' baby books but DO remember to post milestones on Facebook, ta da, you suddenly have all of your kids' major moments in a book and look like a rock star instead of a slacker. Since discovering My Social Book, I make even more of an effort to post pictures of my kids on Facebook regularly, because I know I'm just adding to the book I'll order at the end of the year. Bottom line: I recommend these books, with the caveat that you shouldn't expect to be 100% thrilled with the formatting. If you want $15 off of your first order, click here! (And full disclosure, I also get $15 off if you do that.) They almost always offer a percentage off your order (I've seen anywhere from 15%-40%) so search on a site like Retail Me Not first to see if you can get a discount, too.
Have any of you tried My Social Book? Are there other sites that make a similar product? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I've never heard of these! What an awesome idea! I love how Facebook pulls up memories from previous years and it would be so cool to have that all in book form! Thanks for sharing!