Monday, April 15, 2013

Just like me

One thing about being a parent that is both fantastic and terrifying is seeing the ways that your child is like you. It's fun to play the game "Whose eyes/mouth/cheeks/nose does L have?" and I'm thrilled that he shares my love of books and cheese (not necessarily together,) but I have a few personality traits that I'd prefer he didn't inherit.

For example, anyone who knows me well knows that I can be (the teeny, tiniest bit) over dramatic at times and that I have a tendency to cry fairly easily.

A short list of things that have made me cry: a tuxedo commercial, more books that I can count, the wedding episode of "My Fair Brady," looking at L, a fashion show at a bridal expo, being tired, and not cooking chicken for Dan. (Although to be fair, that last one was while I was pregnant, so my hormones were a little more out of control than normal.)

L is also over dramatic (and considering that all babies cry for no good reason, that's saying a lot), and I can't be sure if it's genetics or from observing me. Dan once said (jokingly... I think) that L was going to think that the normal way to talk was in a high-pitched, abnormally excited voice, since that's the way I always talk to him. Hopefully L will become more like his even-keeled daddy as he gets older. But heaven help us all if we someday have a girl who's like me! I don't know that Dan could handle two of me.

Have your kids inherited any characteristics from you that you wish they hadn't inherited? If so, what are they?

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