Friday, April 12, 2013

Thank God it's Friday! Oh, wait...

The other day on Facebook, I shared one of my favorite things about being a mom:

So in the interest of full disclosure, now it's time to share one of my less-favorite things. No weekends! I mean, weekends still exist, of course, but they're not a day off. And my brain seems to be taking its sweet time adjusting to that concept, so I still occasionally think, "Oh man, I'm so glad it's Friday!" and then I remember that Fridays are now meaningless and I don't get to sleep in late on Saturday morning.

Waking up to this face does help to soften the blow, though:
No, he doesn't sleep in that hat.

So happy Friday to those of you for whom Friday still has meaning! I'll probably have a wild, crazy night of watching Project Runway reruns while cleaning the kitchen. It's ok to be jealous.


  1. I love Project Runway!! :) And I totally hear you about not getting to sleep in on Saturdays! Dave is usually home but I still have to get up and nurse Evan when he wakes up. Although I do so love the early morning snuggles and smiles. Just wish they came about 2 hours later!

  2. I'm so glad Lucas loves his hat!! I'm sure waking up to that adorable face helps on those early mornings. :)

  3. You are so funny! And no, Friday has no meaning for me anymore either. Although, sometimes Handsome will let me sleep in. And It. Is. Glorious!