Monday, November 11, 2013

8 More Non-Toy Gifts for Kids!

My post 12 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids is my most-visited post of all time. So here are eight more ideas, just in time for Christmas!

1. Pillows
A few years before Dan and I became parents, we had a Super Bowl party, and some of our friends were bringing their kids. Since we didn't have toys laying all around the house (like we do now,) we were kind of scrambling to find some things for the kids to play with, so we filled a basket with some random things like balls, crayons and coloring books, and two small pillows. Nobody even bothered to open the crayons or coloring books, the balls were thrown once and ignored, but the pillows never got put down. I think a few fights actually broke out over them. Kids love pillows. It's just one of those things. Need help finding a good pillow? Check out the Perfect Toddler Pillow from Sew Cinnamon. Plus, through December 12, you can get 10% off of a purchase of $33 or more by using the coupon code "MORENAPS."

2. Stuff for their Walls (aka - Art)
Everybody likes to have something fun on their walls. Especially kids! For awesome, creative word art for your kids' walls, visit The Meek Boutique!

3. Christmas Ornaments
Dan and I have a tradition of buying Christmas ornaments from any vacations or major events that happen throughout the year. Since Lucas came into our lives, we've added to that tradition by buying him a Christmas ornament and giving it to him every year on Christmas Eve (you know, for the one Christmas Lucas has been alive.) This year, we're giving him an awesome cat ornament from Heart of Clay Girl. Check out her shop for an ornament of your kid's favorite animal.

4. Personalized Books
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there's no such thing as too many books! And what's better than a book with your child as the main character? Reading books to your child is one of the very best ways to increase their language skills and vocabulary, and even children who don't typically like books will be interested in a book with pictures of themselves with their favorite things, people or places. Let's Read About Me allows you to easily (very easily) customize a book with pictures and words about your child.

5. Bookplates (aka - Labels to put in their books)
So you've gotten them books... now get them adorable labels to put inside of them! Either wrap these to give as a gift on their own, or keep them and attach one to every new book you gift your child. For most kids, there's just something special about seeing their name printed on something (I can't be the only one who vividly remembers searching the racks of personalized license plates/magnets/keychains/ridiculously tiny mugs for her own name. Why was there always "Beth" and never "Bethany"??) Plus, bookplates look much nicer than writing their names in their books in pen. Check out Strawberry Street Designs for some adorable personalized bookplates and other personalized items.

6. Super Hero Cape
You already know your kid is super. Why not make it official? Capes are great for imaginative play AND for encouraging your kid to get some exercise (you can't wear a cape without running really fast to get it to billow out behind you. That's a well-known fact.) Pipsqueek Bowtique makes all sorts of super hero capes for less than $20, and they're offering 10% off of your entire purchase through November 1, 2014 using the coupon code MORENAPS10.

7. Hats
It's almost winter. If you live somewhere that it gets cold, you're going to make your kid wear a hat anyway, right? So it might as well be one that they love and actually want to wear! Bonnie makes all sorts of custom hats, including the fabulous minion hat below, and she's offering free shipping to all of my readers!

8. Chalkboard
I can't speak for your kid, but mine loves to color. And occasionally that means that we get crayon on the floor, the wall, the cabinets, and various pieces of furniture. So chalkboards are great. And fabric chalkboards that are light, portable, and won't break if your kids jump on them are even better!! You can buy one from Tammy's Sewing (with free shipping through December 31, 2013 using the coupon code CHRISTMAS2013.)

What non-toy gift ideas do you have??

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  1. We are trying to do a toy free Christmas this year (except for Legos, because apparently my boys must have Legos!). We are doing very warm new beddidng, silly slippers, and lots of books. We also might do gift cards for favorite restaurants with the idea of parent-child dates in the future.

  2. We do the Christmas ornament thing. I figured I will my kids their ornaments when they move out so they will have some to start them off with. My husband and I buy each other one as well, commemorating something we have done. Thanks for sharing my SITS Day yesterday!

  3. My idea for a "non-toy" gift is this...I own a Cricut machine and I plan to purchase picture frames for each child and cut out their name, decorate around it and have a 3-dimensional "picture" of their name. That way, it can hang wherever they are!!

  4. my husband and i get snow globes from every place we go together (in the two years we've been married). christmas ornaments are an awesome idea!