Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A letter to my son, at nearly 21 months

At least three times a week, I think "I need to document this in the baby book!" And then I don't. So, here's a letter to Lucas... just so I don't forget how precious he is at this very moment.


Dear Lucas,

Oh my goodness, baby boy! Never in my life did I think that I could be so impressed by someone who can't even put on his own socks yet.

You are hilarious and creative and oh so smart. Every time we're out in public, at least one person comments on how well you speak - how clearly you pronounce your words, and how many words you know. Out of all of the many, many words you say, some of my favorites are:

    "Sure!" (and when you're very emphatic, "Yeah-kay! Sure!" as in, "Lucas, do you want some cheese? "Yeah-kay! Sure!")

    "Huggin!" Said any time you want a hug, which is very often. You even love hugging me from your high chair with one arm while you feed yourself with the other.

    "Cryin." You always announce to me when you've been crying, even if it's a fake cry and you're doing it in front of me. It's like a play-by-play of your emotions. As your emotional mommy, I can appreciate that.

    "Toot!" You also announce when you, well, toot. It's kind of hilarious.

    "Misi!" Lucas for "excuse me."

    "Fun!" Any time you are having fun, you let us know. It's adorable.

    "Cited!" Lucas for "excited." Which you are, often! Like the other day, when you were on the phone with your grandma. She asked you what you ate for dinner, and when you said "noodles," she responded with "I'm having noodles, too." Your eyes got wide, and you said "Cited! Cited!"

You can count to ten, and I have no idea if that makes you advanced or not, because I refuse to look it up; I know I'm going to think you're a tiny genius no matter what the "experts" say. You love Elmo and kitties, lawnmowers (and pretending that any box large enough for you to sit in is a lawnmower), other kids, talking on the phone (for real or for pretend), and jumping. You are definitely a mamma's boy, but you also love your daddy like crazy and try to be like him in ways that make me laugh and smile a little bigger than my face can handle.

You love books. If you are quiet for long periods of time when left to yourself, it's almost always because you're looking at books (often while sitting in a box or basket.) I'm sure that this will get me into trouble someday because I'll assume you're reading when in reality you're throwing things in the toilet, but I love that you already love to read... just like mommy.

You (finally) enjoy bedtime, and you talk to yourself in your crib long after I put you to bed. You have more energy than you (or I) know what to do with, and you love to walk back and forth across the living room while holding my (and/or Daddy's) hand. You will reach towards our hands, say "walkin? walkin?" and then when we put out our hands for you to grab, you will speed walk and intentionally fall over while laughing.

Some days you make me realize that I really need to learn to have more patience, but I couldn't wish for a more lovable teacher. I'm so glad that I get to be your mommy, little love. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the amazing things you'll do in your life.

I love you. Always.


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  1. What a sweet letter. How much fun this age is, with their language and how fast they are learning. Just precious.

  2. O.K. you've just got this Grandma cryin'!! What a sweet sweet boy!! It's so good you are documenting as he grows. He will appreciate and enjoy reading about these years when he's say........my age!!

  3. Aww, adorable collage. He sounds like such a little character!

  4. this is the sweetest.

    he's also at one of my favorite ages. if i ever have a kid, i want to skip right ahead to this phase and then rewind it for the rest of my life. ages 1-4 forever. (i'm told i will eat these words some day.)