Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Very Toddler Christmas

I actually set up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving (don't judge me,) but I didn't get it decorated until my parents came to visit for Thanksgiving and helped with the lights and ornaments. My ultimate Christmas dream is to have a Christmas tree in every room in our house, so I look for more trees every year, and last year I picked up this pre-lit artificial tree at a rummage sale for (I think) $10.

(Not-so-quick story about the tree: When I plugged it in last year, half of the strands of lights on the tree were buzzing, and while I don't know much about electricity, I figured that was a bad sign. So I got the bright idea of only taking off the light strands that were buzzing and leaving the rest on, and then I left the half-lit tree plugged in while I went to get a snack, and then I smelled burning plastic, and the plug of the plugged-in strands of lights had melted completely onto the floor leaving only the metal prongs still in the plug, so I almost burned my house down with a Christmas tree. And then this year, the nonprofit Electrical Safety Foundation International contacted me and asked if they could send me some stuff [like LED lights that don't get as hot as regular Christmas lights] to help me decorate for Christmas safely, and while I'm fairly certain that nobody ratted me out about the whole used pre-lit artificial tree incident, it seemed like eerily appropriate help for someone who apparently lacks common sense for safe decorating. You can check out some of their safe decorating tips here. They don't specifically say anything about not using strands of lights that buzz loudly, but you probably already know not to do that...) 

The only reason I'm posting this picture is that Dan gave me the letters that say "LOVE" for my birthday.
They're made out of rolled-up magazine pages. Which has nothing to do with this post.
ANYWAY, I set up the tree (with new, safer lights) this year, and I knew that it would be difficult for Lucas to resist playing with it. Like everybody else, I had seen an idea on Pinterest to make a tree and ornaments out of felt for your toddler to decorate over and over. So the same day I set up our big tree, I put up a felt tree I made for Lucas (I attached it to the wall with sticky tack - you know, the blue stuff you used to put your Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters on your wall when you were 13), and told him about 500 times that the big tree was "Mommy's tree" and the little tree was "Lucas's tree." So far, giving him his own tree has (mostly) distracted him from mine. He's only taken two ornaments off of it, which seems pretty good.

I actually moved it to a different spot on our house right after I took this picture.
In case you were wondering. Which you weren't. 

I used the same strategy with the nativity scene by setting up a toy nativity scene for him right next to mine. Other than me having to rescue one of my sheep from him twice, he has pretty much left my nativity scene alone in favor of his more brightly colored one.

So there are some of our lovely Christmas decorations. All together now: Ooo! Ahh!

Do you have any tips for toddler-friendly Christmas decorations? If so, please share (or link) in the comments!

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  1. Bethany I love your blog! You made me laugh out loud. And I love your title. Wish I thought of that one! Just wanted to say keep on keeping on. Your writing is fabulous. PS. I love your magazine "LOVE" letters too.

    1. Oh thank you so much! That's so sweet of you!! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. You just convinced me to make that felt tree & ornaments. Our 17 month old apparently thinks that ornaments are balls to be thrown...I'm desperate for a distraction! Michael's, here I come!

    1. I hope it works for you!! Please let me know if it does!

  3. 1. i love the LOVE. it's seriously fantastic.
    2. i don't celebrate christmas, but christmas decorations are probably my favorite thing in the world and i think having a tree in every room is probably the best idea ever.
    3. a close second for the best idea ever is that felt tree. so. smart.
    4. the line "I attached it to the wall with sticky tack - you know, the blue stuff you used to put your Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters on your wall when you were 13" made my day. i remember that blue stuff! and i think i will always love JTT. i'm not even joking when i say that there were so many happy memories in that sentence that i had to pause for a second to think, "awww my childhood!!"
    5. merry christmas! (i don't like even numbers.)