Monday, February 9, 2015

Here's how the last hour has gone: Put Calista down for a nap. Started to put Lucas down for a nap. Calista wakes up. Get Calista. Continue Lucas's nap time routine routine while nursing Calista. Turn off Lucas's light and leave his room. Continue nursing Calista. Notice that Lucas's light is on; can't do anything about it because Calista is almost asleep. Lucas comes out of of room wearing no socks and with head stuck in arm hole of Elmo costume. Gesture wildly to him that he has to get back in bed RIGHT NOW. Calista wakes up. Light still on in Lucas's room, now joined by what appears to be a flashlight shining underneath door. Calista wide awake. Lucas comes out of room again because he is trapped in Elmo costume. Help get Lucas unstuck. Threaten with various punishments if he does not get back in bed RIGHT NOW. Calista really, really wide awake. Mommy gives up on naptime and blogs on phone.


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  1. not looking forward to this (though i am looking forward to motherhood in general and understand that there are moments that make you want to rip your hair out but it's apparently worth it at the end). the greatest thing about watching someone else's kids is that, even when they're staying with you for a couple of days, you know there is an end in sight when the mom has to come pick them up. it was always easy to give my sister a break from her kids when i knew that it was temporary lol.