Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sign #4,432 That I'm Definitely a Mom

This past week, we went to an indoor water park for a few days. On one side of the building, there was a hot tub that was half indoors and half outdoors. While my mom watched the kids, Dan and I went outdoors to sit together in the hot tub. A light snow was falling, and the steam was rising slowly from the hot water. Dan and I sat, resting together in the hot water, arms entwined around one another, as snow fell gently on our exposed shoulders and warm steam enveloped us, and I turned to Dan, smiled, and said...

"Wow, this would be so great for a kid with croup."

Um, yeah. I'm so romantic.

(But seriously. So great for croup.)

What else have you said that was totally mom-ish (although maybe slightly mood-killing)?

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